I just completed this painting not long ago. I love Arabs because they have such style and grace. As a horse artist among other things, this Arabian was a simple study to try my hand at doing a black horse. Black horses, as well as, whites, buckskins, grays and palominos are more difficult to paint because there is not as much muscle defination and it is easy to lose detail when you paint them. Muscle defination gives the illusion of depth and makes the animal seem real rather than just a black blob on the canvas. You see this loss of detail in paintings done by landscape painters who are not use to painting animals and the animal seems to be all one color in their paintings.

As I complete a painting, I hope to add it to the New Works page. These images will be available as prints, giclee's on canvas and as original oil paintings. It is my hope that the viewer will enjoy these paintings and will check this page regularly to see what's new. For information on these New Works, see the Print Gallery for sizes and prices or for ordering information see the Contact Details page.